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Posted day s ago Views 32 Replies. December 7th, Beating the casino My main reason for starting this thread is beating the casino via slot machine. But before I get to that Only way to win is to use the martingale system with no casino limits and an unlimited source of capital. In other words, it's impossible. There are a few theoretical ways to beat the casino. There are craps players who are skilled throwers, but the diamond wall at the end of best payout casino in oklahoma craps table has made it extremely difficult to take away the randomness of a dice throw, but there are a few out there who claim they can times without crapping out.

Someone who could set a point without crapping out could make a shit ton by betting on hard ways, 3's more info 4's. A blackjack card counter could make a lot of money so long as they didn't get greedy. Like Alan from The Hangover says, it really helps to work in teams. On tv, they make it sound as if you can start counting and rob the casino blind. Making money from card counting is a very tough grind. So to count hi-lo which is the easiest counting methodyou have to pay attention to every hand dealt.

I'd like a drink The logic is that higher cards are benenficial to the player. Best payout casino in oklahoma 20's and blackjacks. Double downs are more likely to yield 20's and 21's. Dealer stiff hands are more likely to bust.

But a change in the count changes play. For example, if the dealer is showing a 10, and you have a 16, normally you hit or surrendor. But at a high count, it's correct to stay since youre a much more likely to bust and your odds are better than the dealer also has a stiff, and even if he doesn't, you didn't waste a high card to bust out.

Poker is very beatable. Best payout casino in oklahoma unlike other casino games, you're not playing against the casino. You're playing against other players and the casino simply takes a rake for providing the game and dealers. One thing I will add in here is the idea of "tells" is somewhat of a myth.

That's not to say that physical tells don't exist, but good players aren't looking for a slight muscle twitch in their opponent. They use the information from previous hands, opponents playing style, actions from previous betting rounds, and other situational circumsances to determine what their opponent is holding. That is "getting a read on your opponent," not like on tv where you notice that your opponent sniffles every best payout casino in oklahoma he gets a good hand.

Very few players are THAT bad. The final beatable casino game is the sportsbook. That is because "the betting public" tend to put too much faith in the favorites and they best payout casino in oklahoma bet on the "over. So you have to be right mobile casino a bit more than you're wrong.

One thing you will notice if you follow enough betting lines is how good the bettors are at pushing the lines to the actual score. Anyone who routinely places a bet on a game will have their games where they hit the over by the late 2nd poker iphone canada 888 mobile or a -3 game turns into a huge blow out, but more often than not, it seems you will find your bets being decided late in the 4th quarter.

One interesting tidbit I remember reading is that if one had bet on every NFL game that had a betting line back from the mid 's all the way up to today and you had bet on the underdog who was playing at home, you would be ahead a hefty amount of units. So that brings me to the average casino go-er's favorite form of gambling, and definitely the casino's favorite Today's slot machines are different from the ones of yesteryear. Back in the day, they paid out according to please click for source odds of three same images aligning on the machine reels.

Today everything is hooked up to a server and the server more or less determines whether or not a slot spin will win. But not all slot machines are created equal. Some are specifically designed to be tight, best payout casino in oklahoma some are designed and typically strategically placed to be loose.

Even in the past 10 years, there have been advances in computer technology. But 10 years ago, I swear there was a lady in Oklahoma who had slot machines beat. I was working part time at a casino while I was in college and one of best payout casino in oklahoma friends from highschool went into the casino business and was a low level manager at the time.

This lady only played "VGT" slot machines. Anyone who has gambled on a slot machine in Oklahoma has seen the "Mr. They are a theme in a line of other similarly themed games by "VGT," At around the time, those games were fairly new but they were very popular and those machines always had the highest drops.

Some days the machines would be paying out, some days they were stingy. But EVERY single time this lady came out, she cleaned up, and hit jackpot after after jackpot.

In the few 300 mit bonus casino online I worked in the casino bidness, I'd occasionally best payout casino in oklahoma someone win more than 1 jackpot in a day. It was rare, but it happened. It wasn't long before this lady became famous. I know our surveillance was watching her like a hawk. My buddy was a shift manager best payout casino in oklahoma another casino he'd asked me if I knew her because she was clearning up out there too and he had found out that she had been banned from Thunderbird Casino for winning too much money.

Eventually, she was banned from the casino I worked at and the casino my friend worked out. I know before we banned her, we had a security guard assigned click the following article her who literally stood a few feet behind her and watched her play.

She brought her purse every time, but security didn't have the right to search her. They said the only thing she ever had with her was her purse. In my time, she's the only person I've ever seen beat the casino by slots.

Like DeNiro in Casino best payout casino in oklahoma, if she hadn't gotten greedy, she wouldve been tough to spot and she might still be going today. If you win betting sports you get the vig back. It only matters if you lose. You can make money betting sports. I've made money playing blackjack too. All the games are against you so it really doesn't matter in the end. They don't build those palaces hoping they win.

I'm sure when the lady was cheating it was on older machines. Those best payout casino in oklahoma be manipulated and made to pay but the chances of getting caught would catch up to anyone eventually.

Nowadays the only way to win would be to alter the program but you have to have inside help there. And at least in Nevada every program on every machine has to be registered so even then they would see the difference. Posts 1, Join Date Dec Location parts unknown. Betting the home underdog is a well known strategy. I've always had the best lucking playing poker.

Acting like I've already had a couple too many drinks to start, flame a little, and purposely betting big on marginal hands early, leads to hooking the guy with the biggest ego and taking all of his money in nicest casino later "rounds".

I have a system on the penny scratchers. Almost all the machines now are the video version without any mechanical parts whatsoever. I've been best payout casino in oklahoma one here and I believe they still have some reel machines. I haven't seen a machine that takes coins in over ten years.

I remember seeing bill accepters in the late 90's. The bill breakers seem to be in the last five to seven. All that did was eliminate jobs. Those were the ones people would manipulate. I believe interfering with the optics was a favorite way to cheat. If the jackpot is large enough a mechanic will check the machine and program. And, it used to be, if a machine paid out enough in a short time it would also be checked. I onlt know about Nevada but the gaming board keeps a very tight hand on the machines and their programs, use, and maintenance.

There's no way to beat the system with slot machines. The game software is installed by the gaming commission which works independently to the casino.

The internal electronics is covered and sealed. The only thing to identify you is a players club card. There is no "magic switch" to magically make them pay out.

That stuff best payout casino in oklahoma taken care of. Just because someone wins a lot means nothing. I've seen people winning jackpots that were still broke. If you sit at a slot learn more here long enough you lose. It doesn't matter if you have 10k worth of activity or not. The reason she was probably being watched is because of the reporting casinos have to do thanks to the patriot act.

Nothing to see here.

How To Win Oklahoma Indian Casino Slots | Made Man Best payout casino in oklahoma

The property boasts new features and upgraded amenities as a result of a two-phase expansion project completed in The recently unveiled multi-purpose, three-level convention and entertainment venue offers oversquare feet of meeting and convention space with seating for more than 3, people. The Oasis Pool area offers fun and relaxation with four tropical pools, a swim-up bar, private cabanas and a water slide. At The District, visitors can enjoy Tailgaters sports bar, best payout casino in oklahoma bowling lanes, a game arcade with a laser tag arena and a click movie theater.

In addition to beautiful accommodations and entertainment, Choctaw Casino Resort — Durant has exciting gaming options for everyone. The casino has more than 4, slot machines, 60 table games, and a luxurious Poker Room with 30 poker tables. The exceptional experience continues at Choctaw Casino Hotel in Pocola, Oklahoma, a one-stop entertainment destination located in the Fort Smith, Arkansas metro area.

When staying at the hotel, guests can enjoy well-appointed rooms that provide easy access to all the property has to offer. Explore its spacious gaming floor with more than 1, slot games, live poker, table games and a Racebook; try a variety of tasty and convenient dining options and kick off the weekend with live music at select restaurants. Entertainment-seekers can also best payout casino in oklahoma headliner musical acts and comedy performers at the CenterStage event venue.

An on-property gift best payout casino in oklahoma also provides an opportunity to purchase Native American crafts, jewelry, apparel and other items. Choctaw Casino Resort — Grant offers exciting casino gaming, live entertainment, a variety of dining options and more at its Southeastern Oklahoma location. Guests can unwind in well-appointed hotel rooms and enjoy relaxing at the resort pool. Choctaw Casino Resort — Grant is also a top pick for entertainment.

The best payout casino in oklahoma features some of the biggest names in music and comedy live at the 1,seat Grant Event Center. This location features source gaming and outstanding service in a uniquely comfortable setting.

Nestled in the middle go here Broken Bow, Choctaw Casino has the feel of a big-city destination with small town comfort and charm. And just down the road in the town of Idabel, guests can visit a world-class casino with small town appeal.

Choctaw Casino in Stringtown, Best payout casino in oklahoma can be found on historic Route 69, where guests can enjoy see more variety of gaming action in a setting that is everything they expect from a the larger Choctaw Casino locations.

And in Stigler, Oklahoma can find more than slot machines that offer a variety of wagering options. Bets range from one-cent to five dollars. The Grill is a food truck that serves tasty hamburgers, salads, grilled chicken, croissant sandwiches and more.

Choctaw Casinos provide some of the best entertainment experiences in Southeastern Oklahoma with exciting gaming action, best payout casino in oklahoma variety of superb dining options and warm hospitality. For more information, visit www. A complete guide to entertainment from casinos nationwide. When it comes to gambling, do you stay put or shop around?

Do you prefer to go to the same casino s time and time again or do you prefer to spread your play around and visit many casinos for the first time? They know that, best online casino they may win from time to time, in the long run the house has got you beat. But there is another way to make money from the slots, and […]. But with so many options to choose from, the question quickly becomes where do I go?

There are many terrific casino destinations spread out all across […]. Copy and paste this HTML code into your webpage to embed.

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